Dec 2, 2016

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Vaporizer Review: Firefly 2



If you stop and really think about it vaporizers have not really been a product for that long. When you compare them to products like cigarettes, pipes, and tobacco they have been around, figuratively speaking, for about five minutes. Many people did not expect vaporizers to stick around this long. Many thought they were nothing more than a fad that would soon disappear. Of course they have been around for a considerable amount of time and have managed to gain a huge following. Now you see vaporizers practically on every corner. One of the best known vaporizers on the market is the Firefly.

What Makes the Firefly So Important

The Firefly is practically an icon in the vaping world. It was one of the original portable vaporizers to be comparable to a desktop vaporizer in terms of power and performance. It was incredibly popular and gained a lot of fans very quickly. It is also one of the best looking vaporizers to have ever hit the market. The impact that the Firefly had on the vaping world was fairly significant. You can read more about it at Vapor-Domain.

Why It’s Time for an Update

One of the best things about the Firefly was that it was a fairly big innovator in the industry. It has been several years since the introduction of the original Firefly. The fans of the Firefly feel like it is time for a new model to push the envelope even further. That is why the team at Firefly have responded and created the Firefly 2. Here is a video that goes over what makes the Firefly 2 great.