What Mold Does to Your Home and Health

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When you become a home owner you suddenly have a laundry list of chores and responsibilities to take on. It is your job to make sure that the house is a clean and safe environment for every member of your family that lives with you. It is easy enough to protect your home and family from the things that you can see, but have you taken the necessary steps to protect them from what they cannot see? Specifically, have you made sure that your home is a mold free environment?

Why Mold is Such a Threat

To many home owners mold probably does not sound like a big deal. This is because in most cases mold is easily taken care of. You simply spray some cleaning solution on it and wipe it away. It is gone in a matter of seconds. However, if it goes unnoticed, mold can grow into a formidable enemy that threatens not only the structure of your home but the health of everyone who lives in it. You can learn more about the threat that mold poses at Damage Control 911.

What Mold Can Do To Your Home

Mold is one of the worst substance that you can encounter in your home because it is simultaneously highly toxic and highly corrosive. When mold builds up in your home it tends to latch on in places that are prone to moisture. This is because mold cannot thrive unless there is moisture. This means that you will find the mold in places like the bathroom, laundry room, or any area under the kitchen sink.

When mold attaches itself to the wooden structures of your home it can start to eat at the wood when the old has built up enough. Before long you will find that the mold has started to eat away at the wood, making it vulnerable. In time you may even find that the wood has started to break. This could become an extremely dangerous and expensive problem if you do not take care of it quickly. You can learn more about finding mold in your home here: http://www.damagecontrol-911.com/mold-testing/.

What It Can Do To Your Health

Mold travels throughout your home by spreading microscopic black spores. These spores will attach themselves to any surface that has moisture. However, you can accidentally inhale the spores. When this happens the mold will set up shop in your lungs and body and cause you to become extremely sick. This is not good at all and can have serious problems for you if you are not careful. There have even been people who have died due to mold exposure.

You Can Test For Mold In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The best part of this whole situation is that you can now get pretty high quality home testing kids for home mold. You can find them on amazon. It’s saves the trouble of the cost of having a professional perform the testing and should be done every year anyway, just to make sure.


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