Dec 3, 2016

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What Mold Does to Your Home and Health


When you become a home owner you suddenly have a laundry list of chores and responsibilities to take on. It is your job to make sure that the house is a clean and safe environment for every member of your family that lives with you. It is easy enough to protect your home and family from the things that you can see, but have you taken the necessary steps to protect them from what they cannot see? Specifically, have you made sure that your home is a mold free environment?

Why Mold is Such a Threat

To many home owners mold probably does not sound like a big deal. This is because in most cases mold is easily taken care of. You simply spray some cleaning solution on it and wipe it away. It is gone in a matter of seconds. However, if it goes unnoticed, mold can grow into a formidable enemy that threatens not only the structure of your home but the health of everyone who lives in it. You can learn more about the threat that mold poses at Damage Control 911.

What Mold Can Do To Your Home

Mold is one of the worst substance that you can encounter in your home because it is simultaneously highly toxic and highly corrosive. When mold builds up in your home it tends to latch on in places that are prone to moisture. This is because mold cannot thrive unless there is moisture. This means that you will find the mold in places like the bathroom, laundry room, or any area under the kitchen sink.

When mold attaches itself to the wooden structures of your home it can start to eat at the wood when the old has built up enough. Before long you will find that the mold has started to eat away at the wood, making it vulnerable. In time you may even find that the wood has started to break. This could become an extremely dangerous and expensive problem if you do not take care of it quickly. You can learn more about finding mold in your home here:

What It Can Do To Your Health

Mold travels throughout your home by spreading microscopic black spores. These spores will attach themselves to any surface that has moisture. However, you can accidentally inhale the spores. When this happens the mold will set up shop in your lungs and body and cause you to become extremely sick. This is not good at all and can have serious problems for you if you are not careful. There have even been people who have died due to mold exposure.

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Oct 22, 2016

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Do You Need a Home Testing Kit For Mold

Having mold in your home or other dwelling is not something that most people want to even think about. A well-informed home owner probably already knows that a bad infestation of black mold can mean the death of a home’s value if it’s severe enough. This is one of the main reasons that the new mold test kits have become much more readily available for those that think they might have an issue with mold. Whether you are a home owner and responsible for the problem yourself or a home or apartment renter that can get no response from a landlord, these test kits can be invaluable!


A Little Water is a Big Deal

Many times a home resident may not think that when a water damage issue is cleaned up quickly enough that a mold issue did not have time to develop. The incubation period for mold can be as little as 24 to 48 hours! This means that even if you have a small flood from a busted water pipe that is left long enough for the water to seep into places like carpeting , baseboards of underneath a cabinet, then that water may not be dried out fast enough to prevent mold growth.

This kind of water issue is not as concerning as when you have an ongoing leak that you may not know about. Even if you have a humidity problem in your home somewhere, it can allow mold to begin to grow and spread over time. Take an air conditioning unit for example, even cool condensation that become a mold issue in your unit itself or in your air ducts. It might be quite some time before you ever smell the mold that has been growing so prosperously!

Common Causes

Roof leaks in your attic, basement walls and floors or crawlspace areas are other places where there can be ongoing water issues that will cause mold. Sometimes weeks or months can go by before you really recognize that tell tale odor of mold. Once you do smell that mustiness, it can already be a big problem. When you see a sign of mold somewhere, like under a cabinet, on wood beams in a basement or crawlspace, or even around window frames or doors to the outside, you can actually be kind of lucky. This way you may not have to do a mold test to know it’s already there.

Get the Kit

When you aren’t sure whether or not mold is present, like after a home flood or humidity issue, that’s when buying a home mold testing kit can be very helpful. It can cost less than $50 dollars to get a kit that can tell you in a matter of minutes whether or not you have a mold somewhere in your home. It is a very small investment for a lot of peace of mind.

Before you call in the big water damage company to find mold that may or not be there, spend that small amount of cash to let you know first. Pick a test kit that will give you the fast results instead of one that requires collecting samples and mailing them in to a lab somewhere and waiting to get a positive or negative result.

Whether you have mold for real or not, a home test kit can be a very inexpensive precaution that could end up saving you thousands of dollars in home repair cost later on. If you are almost certain there is mold in an apartment or home you are renting, get a test kit and prove to your landlord that you are not just imagining things!

There are numerous physical signs that you can be on the lookout for if serious mold infestation is present in your home. Recurring symptoms of colds such as wheezing, runny nose and coughing can be an indicator of present mold. Even rashes that have no sound explanation can be a sign. Keep in mind that small children, elderly people or people with compromised immune systems can be especially susceptible to mold exposure!

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